b      Chakra Balancing
Consider the possibility that your Chakras may
be out of Balance, Blocked, not Aligned,
Over-Active or Under Active,

Are you experiencing repeated difficulty with:

  • Relationships?
  • Career?
  • Physical and Emotional Well-Being?

Does it seem like every effort to improve
your situation only makes matters worst?

When the chakras are out of balance, life can
become filled with unnecessary struggles, challenges, and painful experiences.
By balancing your chakras, you can easily regain control of your life.

Your 7 chakras are the keys to unlocking your greatest potential in the most important areas
of your life.

Free Chakra Assessment
Chakra Healing Practitioner - Rita Mcgill will assess the activity of your chakras through her
natural ability to see the aura, and the use of the chakra pendulum. She will determine which
Chakras are balanced or unbalanced (not spinning or vibrating properly), and which are
under or over energized, to define which meditations as well as what stones, tones, colors
etc., are necessary for your optimal chakra alignment.

Call Now to arrange your Free Chakra Assessment (630) 607-0624

For More Info, Please Contact
Rita Mcgill Call (630) 379-2979
114 W. Third st. Elmhurst, IL. 60126  
Elmhurst, IL. 60126 - (630) 379-2979
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